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There are many ways to earn an income online. Some of these ways, you would never even think of. Sometimes, you have to go through so many applications and trails and may face many disappointments. This is where Envato is a delight for people who want to make an extra income online.

If you can speak English and any other language, you’re already in. I understand that not everyone has this capability, but a lot of countries have English as a second language. This creates a huge opportunity for you, and I am going to show you how.

What Envato tuts+ Is

Envato tuts+ is a division of Envato. They offer many services and products in their other divisions all related to creative industries. I am not going to talk about all that today, but if you are curious, you can check out what they offer here.

At Envato tuts+, they offer all kinds of learning resources in the form of How-to Tutorials, Courses and Ebooks. The courses and ebooks are off limits unless you subscribe to a monthly membership (which isn’t so bad seeing as it is professional education). But the how-to tutorials are open for anybody to read.

In fact, they are trying to reach as big an audience as possible by offering these tutorials in multiple languages. This is where you come in. As a person who speaks more than one language, you can become a translator and convert these tutorials from English, to whatever language you speak.

I cannot say for sure that they accommodate every single language out there, but I can make an educated guess that they do. For example, I speak the third youngest language in the world, that is only used in a total of two countries and they had that in their system. So, they probably have yours as well.

Find their Website here.

Topics You Get to Translate

The fun thing about translating these posts, is that you not only earn money, but you gain a lot of knowledge as well. If you want to learn a new skill, you can pick a topic that you know noting about, but are interested in, and translate it. That way, you learn while you earn! Or, you can pick a topic that you are an expert in if you want to work with something familiar.

Here are the main categories they offer:

  • Code
  • Design and Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Business
  • Photo and Video
  • Music and Audio
  • 3D and Motion Graphics
  • Game Development
  • Computer Skills

Keep in mind, every category has so many topics in it, and every topic is filled with articles. You’ll never run out. Plus, they add new articles every single day. Do you see the potential?

Here is a look at how many topics you might find in a single category, to give you an idea of how large their range really is:


How Their Translating System Works

Their translating system is actually such a joy to work with. It is very user friendly and easy to understand. Once you have chosen your article, there will be a button to the right side of the article (at the bottom if you are on mobile) that says “Translate this post”. When you click on that, it will take you to a dual screen that looks like this:


Look to the top right of the screen, you’ll see a “Claim” button. You can just click that, and then you can start adding your own translations.

They break the whole article up into small little parts, sometimes a sentence at a time and make it very easy for you to enter your translation. You just type it on the left in the box that appears when you click the text, and click “Add translation”. Your translated piece will pop up on the right. You can then use the arrows, or just click on the next piece of text to continue.

Now, the part that I personally don’t like here, is depending on what language you speak, you might not be allowed to submit as many translations a month as you would like. The thing is, they only have a limited budget to pay translators, so they can only allow a certain amount of translations a month. To help them regulate this, they lock the ability to claim posts after a certain time period. When they do this, you get a notification that looks like this:


They allow more time for languages that are more popular, which makes sense from their point of view. Unfortunately, that means that people like me only get one day to submit their translations every month, before they lock it again. My language isn’t very big or very popular, thus they cut me off first. You might experience this as well if you speak a small language.

It’s also good to note that you can only claim two posts at a time. As soon as you submit one, you can then claim another. They do this so that you don’t claim 20 posts a month and never translate them.

Tips for Increasing Your Earnings

What you are about to read, isn’t part of the system at all. This is all me.

So, because I only get 24 hours to submit my translations, and you can only claim 2 at a time, I can’t get much done every month. It takes basically a day to translate two posts from scratch, and then my time’s up.

So what I do, is I pick a few posts that I want to translate. I copy and paste the whole article into Microsoft Word. You can use any type of word editor though, it doesn’t matter. Then highlight the whole thing. You could make it bold or put it in italics, or whatever works for you. Then I make a space after every paragraph, so that the whole thing is split up the way they do it on the website, and write my translations there.


I do this with multiple articles, and I can do this right through the month. When the 1st of every month arrives, and they open the articles again, I can just claim one, and copy and paste all my translations into it one by one. It saves so much time, and I get to submit more every month.

Keep in mind, that you have to be very careful here. It happened to me once that I did this whole process, without checking if the post was available. When I wanted to claim it, I saw that someone else had already translated it, and I wasted so much time translating that post that I could never submit. Make sure to check first, is all I’m saying.

How You Get Paid

First and foremost. The thing everybody wants to hear first is, how much will I get paid. Which is obviously why we do this. Without keeping you worried for any longer, here it is.

The amount you receive depends on the length of the article and what level you are. The more you translate, the higher level you’ll reach and the more you’ll earn. The three levels you can reach look like this:



The length of the post is always situated at the very top of the article, right under the title. They define article length like this:

  • Short post: Fewer than 1,300 words.
  • Medium post: 1,300 words or more, but fewer than 2,100.
  • Long post: 2,100 words or more.

They issue payments through PayPal, so you need to make sure you have a verified PayPal account before going into this. They pay for every article that was successfully published up until the last day of that month. You will receive the payment in your account about 15 days later or so. It may vary from month to month, so don’t worry if its a bit late sometimes.

Where to Get Started

Obviously, I can’t mention everything in this one post, there are more small rules and info on literally every aspect of this. If you want to read all of it, visit their page on how the system works, here. You can also find this page by going onto any of their pages on the website and scrolling all the way down to the bottom, where you’ll see “Translate for Envato tuts+”.

To get started, pick any article and click the translate button on the right. If you are not already a member, that will prompt you to create your account. Simply follow the instructions they give you and you’ll create your translator’s account.

From there you need to translate and submit three test articles that you won’t be paid for, so they can judge the quality of your translating skills. You can do these three even if the claiming button is locked. As soon as those three have been checked and published, you are ready to start earning.

There are some articles that are non-billable, I would recommend finding such posts and using them for your three test articles, so that you don’t waste potential money.

From here, I’m pretty sure you’ll be alright on your own. They have many of their own resources to help you out as well, or you can just ask me if you get stuck.

*IMPORTANT: I received a notification that a new review process will also be implemented. I don’t know much about it yet, but I will include everything about it as soon as I know.

A Start to a New Future

This place was my very first income ever in the beginning of my first year of college. It helped me to feel independent and it definitely helped me survive being a student. I hope this helps a few people to find their feet, and start a future of growing.

If anything in this article doesn’t make sense, please let me know. I have written so much today, I may as well be talking gibberish right now. If you have any questions about the system, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at mel@arcaniaonline.com, and I shall tell you everything I know.

If you have tried the translating system and want to tell me about your experience, I would absolutely love that.

I am dying to hear from you.


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