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In this article, I will be reviewing Scribie, from the perspective of the transcriber, and not from a customer perspective. At Scribie, people submit audio or video clips, which the transcriber can claim and convert to written form. Today, I will tell you all about that process, where you can go to get started, and what you’ll need.

What Transcribing Means

Have you ever seen those really old detective movies, where the cop always has this little hand held tape recorder, that he uses to record interviews with? Someone has to write down every part of that recording as written proof. Obviously, the detective doesn’t have time to do it himself, he’s too busy solving crimes. So, someone else gets paid to listen to his recording, and type it out.

You can be that person. It won’t be hand held tape recorders, or interviews with criminals though. Luckily, technology has evolved to give us pretty advanced audio gear. People record conversations, lectures, speeches, or any other important things, without the ability to convert that to a written form. You can apply to become a certified transcriber, and be the one who writes down all these conversations.

What Scribie Is

Scribie is a website that noticed a very big need in the market, and has been working hard to provide a place that can satisfy that need. In modern society, life has become extremely rushed and fast-paced. Companies can’t afford to waste time on little tasks that could easily be out-sourced. One of these tasks is transcribing audio files from meetings, interviews, etc.

Scribie gives people the opportunity to submit audio files, that certified transcribers then convert to written form. They provide affordable prices, with guaranteed accuracy on all transciptions. These audio clips are priced based on different elements. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Length of audio clip (they charge you per minute)
  • Accent of people who are speaking
  • Background noise
  • Quality of recording

These are also the factors that influence how much a transcriber gets paid. The higher the difficulty, the higher the pay.

If you want to take a look around their website, all you need to do is click here.

What Requirements You Need to Meet

There are certain things that you need to be able to do, or need to have to be a successful transcriber, just like with any other job. Here are a few things that you’ll need before you apply to Scribie.

  • You need to at least be able to speak English pretty well and your spelling and grammar should  be good.
  • You need to have fairly good hearing of course, and you need to be able to identify different people in a conversation.
  • Before you get started, you’ll need a verified PayPal account. If you don’t, they won’t be able to pay you.
  • Of course you need a good laptop or computer of some kind to use, along with internet connection.
  • You’ll also need a good headset or set of earphones. Otherwise it’ll be impossible to hear anything and you won’t do very good.

If there are some of these requirements that you do not meet, I would suggest working on them before you apply. The reason I say this, isn’t because they might not accept you. Because they might. But rather, it’ll make your life a lot easier. If you struggle with a certain aspect of this, you’ll put a lot more stress on yourself, and that might cause you to want to give up. So, just make sure that you’re mentally up for this before you start.

Application Process

There are a few steps in the application process and it is important to know that it is possible that you won’t get accepted. I want to tell you that it isn’t the end of the world if that happens. This is only one opportunity, there are thousands out there. Below, I will outline the application process the best I can.

Step 1: Initial application 

This step is incredibly easy. All you need to do, is click on the “apply” button and fill in the application form. You don’t need to worry too much about this, because it’s just some personal info and such. You will receive an application number that you can track while management is reviewing your application. All you need to do is be patient.

Step 2: Email verification 

This step is just as easy as the first. They are just going to send you an email to verify your email address. All you need to do is click on the link that you’ll find in the email, and it should take you back to where you were. Now you can just continue to the next step.

Step 3: Waiting list

Here is where you’ll need a bit of patience. They are going to send you a waiting list number. And yes, you’ll just have to wait. I assume they have limited reviewers, so it takes a while to get to everyone. Just patiently wait until they get to you, and you’ll be fine.

Step 4: Test invitation 

When your waiting list number reaches zero, they will send you an email with a link in it. This link will lead you to a place where you can set up your Scribie account. You’ll be able to set up a password that you can use to log into Scribie in the future. When your account is set up, you’ll receive an invitation to complete a test file via email.

Step 5: The actual test

When you get the invitation email, just click on the link and it’ll take you to a list of files. You can then preview each file and choose one you like. You then transcribe the file and submit it. Someone will review your transcript and you will either be certified or rejected.

Small note though, this is probably the first time you’re doing something like this. Of course you’re not an expert. So, if you get rejected, they’ll let you compare the differences between your transcript, and what it was supposed to be, so that you can learn from your mistakes… and try again. Yes! They let you try again. You can just choose a new file, and do it all over again. You have a few tries, so don’t worry too much.

Step 6: Certification 

If you get accepted, they will notify you by email and credit the payment of the test file to your account. The amount is a bit less than you can expect to get from real files, but it’s amazing that they pay you at all. I mean, it is a test file after all.

And that’s it! You’re in.

Different Levels of Transcribing

Yes, you can get promoted! Isn’t that awesome? If you are really good at being a transcriber, and work hard, you can really work yourself up and earn a decent income every month. Here are the different levels that you can reach:

  1. Normal Transcriber
  2. Reviewer
  3. Self Reviewer
  4. Proofreader
  5. Quality Checker

1. When you are a normal transcriber, you listen to a file, you write it down and you submit it, and that’s it. You get the lowest amount of money, but it’s the least stressful work, which is good if you’re only starting out.

2. A reviewer checks the work of a transcriber. They listen to the audio file, and looks at the file that the transcriber submitted. If they find any faults, they correct them, and they are responsible for grading the original transcriber on the file.

3. The next level is self reviewer. This is cool, because you can transcribe a file, and then review it yourself. That means, you get paid twice for the same file. I like that idea.

4. A proofreader just reads through a file and makes sure that there are no mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling and overall quality. You get paid slightly higher for this position.

5. A quality checker is the last person that handles a file before it is sent off to the customer. They make sure that the file is 99.9% accurate and the best quality possible. If a file is approved by a quality checker, it is sent directly to the customer.

The promotions depend on how many transcriptions you’ve made and your grades on those files. I’ll tell you all about the grades next.

Grading System

Every file that you submit, will be reviewed and then graded. You will have an average grade based on all the previous files you have submitted. The grades can range from A+ to D (also 1-5). These grades are based on major mistakes in your files.

As a transcriber you can be promoted to a reviewer after 1 audio hour of work is submitted and your grade average is above 3 (out if five). Furthermore, you can be promoted to a self reviewer after 10 reviews has been successfully submitted and your average grade is still above 3. You can find more detail about the grading system before you sign up with Scribie.


The payment per file depends directly on the difficulty. This could mean the quality of the recording, different accents and other assorted issues. You receive files in the form of six minute clips, and generally, they pay anything from $0,5 to $2 for a file like that. In my experience, I always got more than a dollar per file.

The higher level you are, of course, the more you get paid, and depending on the time you put into it, you could make hundreds of dollars a month.

All you need to receive your payments is a verified PayPal account. You can withdraw your funds at any time. They are pretty reliable in that sense, so you can trust it.

My Personal Experience

I absolutely love the concept of Scribie. They definitely work, and they pay on time. They have a great system going where you can do everything from getting the files, to working on a text program to getting paid. This is certainly a very viable way to make money online if you really get into it, and I hope you can make a successful career as a transcriber with Scribie.

I personally didn’t go very far with them, because I had an injury that caused my hearing to decline drastically. I didn’t lose my hearing, but I was unable to deliver good quality files.

Your success will definitely depend on your skill and your willingness to push forward. You can get amazing rewards if you do.

Where to Get Started

If you like what you read here, and you feel like you could really do good as a transcriber, I have done my work right. If not, there are always other possibilities to explore, so don’t worry about it.

So, if you want to learn more about Scribie, look around on their website, or even sign up today, you can do any or all of these things, but simply clicking the button below.

To Scribie!

To Wrap Things Up

Scribie is definitely a viable way to make money online. You just need to have the right skills, and patience to work yourself up. I hope you at least give it a try and see if it works for you.

If it doesn’t, no hard feelings, life goes on. But if you’re looking for an alternative, you can see my personal recommendation for making money online right here.

If you do decide to try Scribie, I would love to hear what you think, so let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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