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Keyword research is one of the most important aspects to any blog or website, yet it is so difficult to find a powerful keyword research tool that does everything you need. Today, I am reviewing Jaaxy, a keyword research tool that I quite enjoy using. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is my number one recommended research tool.

But before I tell you all about it, I am going to tell you what keyword research is and why it is so important.

What Keyword Research Is

If you want to be competitive in the online world, there are a few things you’ll need to know. One of these things has to do with keyword research. To get indexed in Google and other search engines, you need to have a keyword that people are searching for, otherwise, no one will ever find you.

So, you need to do research on a specific keyword to determine how much traffic that keyword will give you. To do this, you are going to need a good Keyword Research Tool. These research tools give you a lot of information regarding what people search for. Your results will look something like this (every keyword research tool will look a little different of course).


If you are new to all of this and don’t know what those values at the top mean, here is an article that can clear that up for you.

There are many keyword research tools out there that you can use, but not all of them are good. There are some that offer the basics and then there are some that go above and beyond. Then there are some that are so similar that it really just comes down to personal taste at the end of the day. But today, I am going to tell you about my favorite one.

Introducing Jaaxy!

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that has a lot of power. It allows you to do keyword research in literally any niche you can think of and has a lot of innovative functions for you, so that you can beat the competition and be successful in the crazy online world.

With Jaaxy, you can boost your online business with keyword research, and earn a little money with their affiliate program that you get access to as soon as you become a member. Even starter members with a free membership get access to their affiliate program. All you need to do is advertise Jaaxy, and if anyone signs up through your link, you get commissions every month. But more about that later.


  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Type: Keyword Research Platform
  • Website: Jaaxy Website 
  • Memberships: Starter Membership, Pro Membership, Enterprise Membership
  • Starter Price: Free
  • Jaaxy Pro Price: $49/month
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Price: $99/month

Do Keyword Research In Any Niche

Just to give you an idea of what Jaaxy can do, I chose three random niche’s and did a search for each. Please note that I have absolutely no prior knowledge in any of these fields and really did a random search to show you the type of results you can get.

Classic Car Exhaust


See, if you type in Classic Car Exhaust, it not only gives you the statistics for that one keyword, but a bunch of related ones as well. You could pretty much pick a few others and write posts about them all. If you work in an automotive industry, you can see how many opportunities there are.

Scuba Diving Equipment


There are endless possibilities that you can tap into when you do keyword research. You might see a keyword suggestion that you would never have thought of on your own. 

Bird Watching


I took a bit of a broader approach this time to show you what that would do. The initial keyword I entered got ranked really badly, but it gave you a few suggestions of things a lot of people search for. So, even if you don’t really have an idea yet, you could easily play around until you find something.

Jaaxy Offers So Much More Than Just Keyword Research

Most other keyword research tools only offer the ability to give you statistics about your keyword. Jaaxy offers a lot more than that. This is part of the reason why I love using this platform so much. Here is a picture of one of their menus. Look at all the different services the offer.


They have stuff like Site Rank. What this does is, it tracks your keyword in search engines and tells you where your post is ranking. This feature enables you to keep track of your success at all times and see how well your posts are doing.

Keyword lists let you save keywords that you like for future use. You could do research on 20 topics on one day and save them all, then start writing articles about them one by one. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

If you want to explore all these little sections and see what they can do, sign up for a free membership and take a look around. It won’t cost you anything but a little trust.

Try Jaaxy For Free

Jaaxy has a free starter membership that allows you to test it out for a while. There is no experation date on it, but you will have limited capabilities. Here is a look at everything you can get in the starter membership:


If you want to test it out now, go ahead and type a keyword in the bar below to see its statistics. You’ll have to make a free account to do so, but this will give you 30 free searches a month and everything you saw in the picture. Remember, you can cancel at any time, so don’t let this frighten you.

Jaaxy Pro – Every Online Business Should Have One

Jaaxy Pro is the first payed membership that Jaaxy offers. You can expect to pay $49 per month for the Pro membership or you could choose to pay yearly, in which case you’ll get a discount.

This is for any small business or for any individual. You can do quite a lot more than with the free membership here, and it isn’t so expensive. If you are still trying to find your feet, the price won’t knock you down. Take a look at everything that this membership has to offer you:


Personally, I think this membership is the best to take. Because the free one sometimes just isn’t enough and enterprise might be too expensive. Jaaxy Pro can affordable yet successful.

Jaaxy Enterprise – Insane Power

If you have a big company, you definitely need Jaaxy Enterprise. This is priced at $99 per month and you can also get a discount if you pay yearly. You have no idea how much power you have, when you have this tool with you. Take a look:


Look, I know this is expensive and you aren’t sure if it even works. If you want to try a smaller membership first and upgrade later, you can. And when you get to the point where your business is big enough to warrant something as powerful as Jaaxy Enterprise, the price will be next to nothing compared to what you’re earning.

Come on, give it a shot, even if it is just the free membership. It could change your life. All you need to do is click here and create a free account or upgrade to one of the payed memberships.

You Can Even Make Money With Jaaxy

As you might have read at the very beginning, you can even make a little income with Jaaxy. If you sign up for any of the memberships (even the free one) you get access to the Jaaxy affiliate program. What does this mean for you?

So, when you become a member, you receive a link or series of links. Within this link, there is a special code that identifies you as the affiliate. You can share this link with anyone, in any way you want to. You can use it in a blog post, share it on your social media platforms, send it to your email contacts or even share it with your friends.

If anyone signs up through your link, you will get a part of that money every month in the form of commissions. This keeps happening for as long as that person keeps their monthly subscription. You can create a whole stream of stable income, just through Jaaxy!

Just take a look at the earning possibilities!


Also, if the idea of affiliate marketing intrigues you and you want to find out how to start a business from it, I can help. Everything I have accomplished in affiliate marketing was due to Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review on them here, and sign up if you are interested. They also have a free membership.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

I know running a business can be very difficult. Sometimes you start doubting yourself and you lose hope a little. But you should keep going, even when you feel close to giving up. I really hope this platform can help you achieve your dreams. It’s a good place to start.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

If you have any questions about Jaaxy or keyword research, or even affiliate marketing, leave them in the comments or connect with me on my social media platforms and I would love to answer them all.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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