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Student life is hard. You’re always stressed and hungry. You’re sometimes confused and overwhelmed. You don’t really know where you fit into the world. And you never have money. It sucks.

I know, because I am a college student. But I got tired of always being broke and hungry, so I decided to do something about it. Don’t get me wrong, I failed multiple times, life won’t let you win that easily, but eventually I learned. And through trial and error I can now bring you this article: How to make money online while studying!

Yes, it is possible. You are not hallucinating. It might not be easy, but it is possible. I am going to show you how.

What You’ll Need

If you want to make an extra income while spending most of your time studying and attending endless classes, you’ll need a few things:

  • Your own laptop or computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A passion for a certain topic
  • A sprinkle of creativity
  • Good time management
  • The courage to start


I understand that as a student, you can barely afford to eat, but unfortunately a laptop is very necessary. Luckily, most student facilities have computers that students may use. You can use that until you’re able to afford your own. For tips on which laptops to buy, here’s a few ideas.

Different Ways of Making Money Online

There are many scams out there in the world, we all know that. It is an unfortunate side effect of booming technology. But for all the bad, there’s always good too. Like the opportunities that opened up with technology. Like working from your mobile device and earning money.

The bad news is, you still need certain skills to accomplish this, just as you need skills to work in the corporate world. Some of these skills can be learned, but others are what they are. If you do not posses such skills, read on, there are other possibilities too. I assure you, there will be something to fit your fancy.

Translating Articles

dictionary-translationPeople that grew up in countries where English isn’t their first language have an advantage here. Communication is incredibly important in today’s day and age, and if you can’t communicate, you’ll have problems. That is why some businesses are very serious about creating content that everybody can understand.

To achieve this, they recruit normal people like you and me, to translate their work, so that it becomes more accessible to the world. If you speak English, and any other language, you can apply to become a translator and make an income with it.

So far, I only know of one big network that does this, but I absolutely adore them. I got my very first paycheck from them yearly in my first year of college. It wasn’t much, but for a student like me, it was the beginning of everything.

This network is called Envato tuts+ and they write tutorials and courses for people who are eager to learn new skills in creative industries. They also pay people to translate their tutorials. The topics they write about are:

  • Code
  • Design and Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Business
  • Photo and Video
  • Music and Audio
  • 3D and Motion Graphics
  • Game Development
  • Computer Skills

You can translate tutorials in any or all of these categories and learn a few new things while you’re at it. How much better is it not that you get to learn things and get paid for it, instead of the other way around.

If you feel like this can be a job for you, read my full review on how to do this. You’ll find all the information regarding requirements, instructions and payment in there. You’ll also learn how to sign up.

I’m sure there are other places that offer similar jobs. Take a look around on sited that offer tutorials and helpful articles. You might stumble upon an opportunity. (If you do, let me know about it, I can add it here).

Writing Content and Articles

writing-articles-notepad-and-laptopMany people are looking for content writers. Seriously, people need you. If you have expert knowledge about a subject, chances are there is a blogger somewhere that would love to feature you on their blog. And they’ll pay you for it!

Go explore websites and blogs of that topic and look around in their menus. Often you’ll see opportunities there. Every person will call it something different, so keep an eye out for phrases like: “Write for us”, “Become a teacher”, “Writers needed”, anything like that. You’ll know it when you see it.

As for my recommendation here, the same place I mentioned above for translating, also offers writing jobs. They are much more strict with this however. Not everybody is accepted, so you really need to know your stuff if you want to write for them. If you are actively working in one of the industries listed, and you have extended knowledge on a subject within this field, you can apply.

There are two different sections you can apply for. You can teach courses, which can include video classes, articles and so on. Or you could write how-to tutorials for them. Read through the requirements and instructions for both before you choose one to apply for.

I don’t have a review on this one, but if you want to learn more, go check out the website.


Selling Creative Products

This is really not for everyone, but I had to add it. I think it is an amazing opportunity.

If you are a student in graphic design, IT or anything similar, you should really consider selling your work online. I know of two marketplaces that offer you the chance to open a store. You submit your work, they sell it for you and you earn money off of it. Isn’t that amazing?

I shall leave you the links to the marketplaces, and you can read through both and decide if it suits you. If it does, your future in graphic design begins now. Remember, this can look really good on your resume one day.

The first place is called Creative Market. They sell anything from fonts to icons and pictures. If you can make it, they can sell it. You get 70% of all the money your products generate, and the rest goes into keeping the marketplace alive. You can find their sign up page here to read all about it.


The second place is more for Website themes and other digital assets, so here, IT students can have more fun. You can become a vendor and sell your products. You can earn 40% for non-exclusive products and 70% for exclusive products. All you need to do, is make sure you’re a good fit with them, and sign up. Find all the information you need here.


If you join any of these places, let me know and I will help you start out. I promote a lot of vendors on my social profiles and would love to add you to the list.

Affiliate Marketing

This is my Number One Recommendation. Have you ever heard the term Affilate Marketing? It is a life changer. Seriously, you need this in your life.

If you are tired of working 9 to 5 jobs and getting hopelessly underpaid for it, you really need to consider this option. This has the potential of becoming a full time income for you. No matter who you are, or what skills you have, you can do this.

There is a place called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer the best training I have ever come across. It is task oriented, and teaches you step by step what to do. You don’t need any knowledge on this to get started. They show you everything. Not only do they tell you how, they also give you the resources to do it.

They have research platforms, website building platforms, website hosting platforms and an amazing community of people to back you up. You can’t go wrong.

The way this works, is you start a blog or website of your choosing within any niche. You write articles and posts for this blog and advertise relevant products. When someone buys the products that you referred, you get a small commission on that. That means, you can sell literally anything without having to struggle with physical products, and make a profit.

If you are curious about this, or interested in trying it, you can sign up for absolutely free, and access the first stage of training. This lets you look around and see if you like what they offer. If you do, you can switch to the premium membership, and access EVERYTHING! And believe me, it is worth it. To find out more, read my full review or visit their website to learn everything you need to know.

To Sum Things Up

It is very possible to become independent as a student. The internet is right at your fingertips, and with it, a world of opportunity. All you need to do is reach out and grab it. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have any questions about anything I discussed here, please leave me a comment, and I will be more than happy to help you out. If you have tried any of these resources, let me know how it worked out for you, and what you think about it. I really look forward to hearing everything you’ve got.

You can find me on any of my social profiles below if you want to contact me or just see what other things I’m up to, I hope to see you there.

Till next time


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