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Yes, it is completely possible. Obviously, you’ll be more successful with a paid website, because you own it, but you can get pretty far with a free website. Where is it possible to set up and run a website for completely free, you ask? Well, read on and I will show you how to create a website for absolutely free! (And a whole lot more).

Using Wealthy Affiliate to Build a Free Website

Now, I’m sure that there are many other places where you can build and host websites online. Maybe a few places that offer it for free. But, I am willing to bet that none of them are as good as Wealthy Affiliate.

When you sign up for a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you not only get the opportunity to create two websites, but they teach you how to do it too! You can follow step by step guides to learn exactly how to create and set up your website. So, even if you know absolutely nothing about websites, or even technology in general, you can make use of this amazing opportunity.

All you need to do to start, is create your free account, go to the training section once you’re in, and click on the first lesson. They’ll take it from there and show you what to do step by step. They use video and written tutorials to show you exactly what to do, so you’ll never get lost or confused.

Video Walk Through

Here is an example of the video tutorials I just spoke about. This one specifically shows you how to create your first website in as little as 30 seconds, once you’re a member. Kyle, who is one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the steps:


All you need to do now, is create a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate here, and follow the steps you just saw above to create your very own free website.

What You Can Expect From Your Free Membership

With your free membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect a lot more than some training and website hosting. Take a look at all the features you have access to as a free member:

  • Two websites on free domains
  • Website backup
  • The first course in Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • The first course in training for beginners
  • 30 keyword searches
  • Live help for the first seven days
  • One on one coaching for the first seven days

You will also have me as a personal mentor and friend guiding you through every step of the way. I went through everything you’ll experience at Wealthy Affiliate, and I may be able to help you get on your feet.

What About What Premium Can Offer?

Having a free website is great and all (and you can totally be successful with it), but once you become a premium member, so many new doors will open up to you. The premium membership will cost you about $49/month or even cheaper if you decide to take the yearly payment option. I know that sounds like a lot of money, but nobody else will give you value for your money quite like this.

Take a look at a few things you’ll have access to if you decide to upgrade to premium:

  • 50 websites (25 free domain, 25 of your own domains)
  • Website backup
  • Website security
  • Live help Private messaging on the platform
  • The entire Affiliate Bootcamp training (70 lessons)
  • The entire Online Entrepreneur Certification training (50 lessons)
  • Live video classes
  • Unlimited keyword research searches
  • Unlimited premium coaching (with me as one of your premium coaches)
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform


So, as you can see, you get a lot of value from the paid premium membership. I can honestly vouch for it, it is the best decision I have ever made, and if you are reading this, it’s proof that it works. Because this post that you are reading now is run and hosted through Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best thing you can imagine.

Want to Know More or Sign Up?

If you are slightly curios, yet not quite convinced, I have a full review on Wealthy Affiliate that might be a little helpful. You can find that here:

Wealthy Affiliate review.

If you want to become a member right away, all you need to do is head over to their website and create your free account. I promise there is no catch, it is absolutely free unless you decide to upgrade later. It is always your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate website.

Do Me a Favor, Would You?

If you decide to sign up for a free account, or even a paid one, come back here and let me know? I will be in touch on the platform itself to help you and show you the ropes, but if you drop the link to your newly created website here, I will view and maybe even share it in one of my blog posts.

I mean, it’s free traffic and awareness, so why not?

And if you have any questions you would like to ask, or get stuck somewhere, please feel free to leave a comment or connect with me on one of the social media platforms below. I would absolutely love to get in touch with you and hear about your experiences.

To your success online!


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