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As a blogger or general website owner, you are likely to come across WordPress somewhere in your online journey. WordPress is the most popular website platform. Of course, as a website owner, the most important thing is to make your website stand out and engage your visitors. What better way to do this than with beautiful and unique WordPress Themes.

Unfortunately, very little in this life comes for free. The same goes for this business. Even though prices can be steep, every penny could be worth it for the perfect theme for your website or blog. Here are my favorite three places to get WordPress themes. (Not necessarily the best, but I like them very much):

3. Template Monster

Template Monster is an incredibly good resource for digital products. They specialize in so many different directions of online businesses. WordPress is but a small section of the things they offer, so if you want to find other related products, you can definitely look around and find exactly what you’re looking for on their website.


2. Creative Market

Creative Market is one of my absolute favorites and I use it all the time. Mostly, I like their WordPress themes, their amazing collections of Fonts and their Photos and Graphics. The community of Creative Market is based off individual artists who offer their own creations, so there are so many different styles.

You can access their WordPress Themes on their Website. Or you can take a sneak peak of what they have to offer you from this neat little collection of WordPress Themes from one of their curated collections.

Powered by Creative Market

The other thing I love when it comes to Creative Market is that they offer a few selected products every week for absolutely free. Designers from all over the world submit their great quality products, and you can get them free for a week.

These include different types of products like fonts, graphics and mockups and not just WordPress themes, but there’s bound to be something useful. Take a look at this week’s free products.

If you want to take a look at this week’s free goods, all you need to do, is click here, make an account with Creative Market (don’t worry you aren’t paying for anything now) and claim this week’s free products. You cannot miss out on this.

1. Envato Market / Elements

The fun thing about Envato is that they have many options. If you need digital products, but you only buy something every once in a while, you can hop onto Envato Market and find exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price. They have hundreds of independent designers and artists who showcase their work and you can find just about anything there. To browse their amazing selection of products, visit the Market.

If you are an active blogger or business person who uses digital products almost every day, you can sign up to Envato Elements. This is a lot like Envato Market, but instead, you pay a fixed monthly or yearly price, and you get unlimited use of EVERYTHING on Envato Elements. It is truly amazing.

Find it Faster

If you want to see a selection of WordPress templates every week from different places, with minimal effort, please go look at my Pinterest Account. I have boards on all kinds of digital assets such as WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Graphics and more. I keep it updated with all the best products for your convenience.

What I use

To be honest, I’ve never needed to buy a WordPress theme for my website, because the program I use has thousands of amazing themes included. Wealthy Affiliate gives you a platform to build your websites on and also host it. You can’t buy themes there, but you can do so much more. That’s why I don’t really buy themes.

But I love these creative marketplaces. I spend so much time there and try to support the designers as much as possible in all the categories I use. I think they are simply amazing.

Please feel free to let me know of any other marketplaces you enjoy and I will surely add them in an upcoming article. If you have any questions, ask away! I love answering questions.

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